Supply and installation of Mosquito ® anti-loitering and youth dispersal
device to reduce anti-social behaviour, graffiti, vandalism and litter.

How can I deter unwanted rowdy groups of youths and deal with their
ongoing anti-social behaviour and vandalism?
Mosquito anti-loitering & youth dispersal device
The British-made Mosquito or Mosquito alarm, invented by our good friend Howard Stapleton, is an electronic
youth dispersal device used to deter loitering by young people in play areas, outside village halls or community
centres, business parks, bus stations, town centres, fast food restaurants and shopping malls.

It works by emitting sound at high frequency which can only be heard by younger people.  As we age, hair cells in
our ears die off and fall out and people over 25 are unaffected by the Mosquito sonic waves.
Anti-loitering & youth dispersal device

The device is marketed as a safety and security tool for preventing unwanted groups of youths from congregating in specific areas. As such, it
is promoted to reduce anti-social behaviour such as loitering, graffiti, vandalism, drug use, drug distribution, violence, intimidation of residents
or shopkeepers, arson, broken glass and violence.
The high-frequency tone is highly irritating to teenagers and young adults who find it extremely annoying and, typically, will leave an area within a
couple of minutes.
The equipment has been criticised for being against the human rights of young people but that has to be balanced against the rights of property
owners, businesses and local residents to the quiet enjoyment of their property.
Rural Property Watch ® can supply and install your Mosquito. Typically, it would be installed and connected to a power supply at a height of 9
feet or above. If below 9 feet then we can supply and fit a steel cage to protect it.
The device can be activated on a timer, by switching on your power socket (the most usual choice) or we can supply a fob switch.
The Mosquito can also be supported by our mobile security patrols or static security guard presence. Please call Rural Property Watch ® now
on 0845 862 0845 for a conversation, without obligation, to discuss how we can assist you to address your specific needs.
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