(external visually verified covert portable Stand-Alone PIR)

Portable security camera systems for building and construction sites, Country Houses, residential
properties, farms, livery stables, business parks, garden centres, remote barns and allotment sheds -
which do not require electricity, internet, wireless or telephone connection. They are truly standalone and
portable so can be moved to different parts of your property as the need to protect a particular part of the
estate changes. Being monitored around the clock the system gives property owners and managers
peace of mind 24/7.
Visual Identification and covert security surveillance

RaiderVision from Rural Property Watch: Visual verification cameras from award-winning Compound Security Systems are the world’s first external
portable visual verification system integrated with a Dual-Optic PIR for use with battery powered wireless alarm systems.

These are fully ARC monitored and linked to FRM Security’s 24 hour Control Room to facilitate urgent response to site by your own staff or SIA
licensed security officers. The video clips provided enable control room staff to assess the level of threat - if they see a harmless deer wandering
through a farm yard or back garden it demands a lesser response than images of men with pick-up trucks!

RaiderVision is a wire-free external Dual Optic Optex PIR that has been modified by Compound to provide illumination and visual verification in
complete darkness out to 15 metres and can be combined with other wireless sensors - intruder detection, smoke detection and leak detection - to
give complete security protection.

This monitored (GPRS) wireless, battery powered security system is primarily intended for temporary applications such as vacant buildings,
construction sites and scaffolding protection. The system has been designed to exceed the requirements of the SSAIB Code of Practice for
Enhanced Temporary Alarm Systems (ETAS), 2012. In practice however, we have clients who are so delighted with them that they use it for long
term protection of farms, warehouses, offices, livery yards, Country Houses, allotments, private residential homes and the like.

Suitable for low level mounting of 1 - 1.2 metres, RaiderVision units offer continuous bi-directional communication and 100% real time remote
control including arm/disarm. Anti-tamper and optional fully ARC monitoring around the clock.

The monthly rental includes monitoring by Rural Property Watch ® 24/7 Control Room - with the option of intruder alarm first response across
the UK by FRM Security SIA-licensed security officers and/or mobile security patrols checking your premises on a regular basis.
To find out more, call Rural Property Watch - the UK’s leading rural crime prevention, deterrent and local security guarding company - on 0845
862 0845

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