Barn and Farm Security Solutions from Rural Property Watch ® will minimise your risk of
trespass, theft, damage and arson.

- at affordable monthly rental costs which include 24 hour monitoring
Portable Alarm Systems - Barn and Farm Security

When it comes to rural farm crime, speed is of the essence.
As any farmer will understand, timing is at the heart of almost every agricultural task. What some people fail to see is that timing is also at the
core of securing your farm and protecting your assets effectively.

It’s no good finding out that your barn has been infiltrated by thieves or set on fire when it is already too late to act. By arming yourself with an
instant alert in the event of suspicious behaviour or criminal activity, you can give yourself the opportunity to stop crime before it occurs.

Comprehensive farm, barn and remote outbuilding security solutions for complete peace of mind:
Rural Property Watch ® are able to install self-powered wireless fire detectors, smoke detectors, covert surveillance visual identification
cameras, flood sensors and intruder PIR detectors, giving you coverage for all eventualities and helping you to minimise your risk of catastrophic
Our unique equipment can detect fire, groundwater, intruders or perimeter tampering, and wirelessly alert our 24-hour Control Room. From here,
your designated key holders will be immediately telephoned, with confirmation text messages and e-mails sent to those contacts that you choose
to be informed.

Alternatively, we can install a system which instantly texts messages up to 10 mobile phones with alerts that the system has been activated. This
just involves topping up the mobile phone credit to maintain the system.
This state of the art process means that you and your response team can be alerted to criminal activity or natural disaster faster than ever before.

Worried about your security? Contact us now.
With dual beam technology to reduce false activations and fully self-powered alarms requiring no power source or telephone connection, Rural
Property Watch ® security devices give landowners the head-start they need to defend their assets effectively.

Our systems are also ideally suited for improving security of rural churches, equestrian centres, rural business parks and stables.
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