for gamekeepers, security staff and estate managers to identify intruders,
heat loss, vehicle trespass
Now available for hire - hand held thermal imaging camera
Our Portable Wireless GPRS and GSM rapid deployment and permanent alarm Systems have full UK Police "Security By Design" approval. They do not require mains power or telephone connection and are fully stand-alaone

Giving rural communities security, protection, and peace of mind.

rural property watch

The ever-increasing threat of rural theft and vandalism.

Whether you are a resident of a rural area or operating an agricultural or equestrian business, your property and assets are the ideal targets for ruthless criminals. With houses out of town, farmers’ property spread across many acres, equestrian centres located in remote areas and businesses situated away from main roads and passing traffic, keeping your rural facilities secure and protected against theft or arson can feel like an impossible task.

Why rural properties need rural security services

Unfortunately, the Police focus is on the most heavily populated locations including city centres or large residential estates. Police routinely use CCTV to monitor suspicious behaviour and deploy patrolling officers, but your equestrian centre, rural property or farm is often left unprotected.

In addition, in the event of a call to the police, response times to rural properties can leave criminals with large windows of opportunity in which to make their escape.

The security systems available from Rural Property Watch work to deter criminals, alert you to their presence, and capture important evidence that the authorities may be too late for.

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Rural Property Watch offers rural residential properties, equine centres, village halls, churches, historic buildings, schools, barns, building construction sites and commercial premises robust and reliable protection against theft, arson, vandalism, noise and litter nuisance, graffiti and criminal damage.

Security equipment alongside extensive security expertise.

The tools available to us include CCTV, tracking systems, physical security measures, self-powered wireless alarms, heavy plant anti-theft systems, and alarms for domestic or commercial premises.

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