Portable intruder alarm system and covert security surveillance camera
units from Rural Property Watch ®, designed for churches, village halls,
church roof spaces and heritage buildings - with intruder alarm response
Church and heritage buildings security
Church, village hall and heritage buildings and roof space portable security intruder alarm system requiring no electricity or telephone
Churches and heritage buildings across the UK are being blighted by the theft of lead and copper from their roofs. For criminals keen to cash in
on the high price of scrap metals, despite the recent changes in legislation, these rural properties often make an obvious target.
But it’s not just the cost of replacing the materials that is the problem, it’s also the resultant damage - thieves have torn holes in roofs causing
leaks and ripped stonework away from pinnacles and towers.
Rural Property Watch ® has come up with a package of affordable solutions.
Designed specifically to secure rooftops of churches and heritage buildings where large quantities of valuable lead are often used, our wireless
GSM portable alarm system offers an affordable, highly reliable and flexible solution.
Unlike other systems that use single beam detectors designed for the lighting industry, RDAS/CHSS-1 uses only dual optic detectors for
external detection. These are purpose designed for external security dramatically reducing nuisance alarms caused by wild animals, birds and
domestic pets as well adverse weather conditions.
For additional false alarm reduction, detectors can be 'grouped'.
Being wireless, there are no cables running between all the equipment.
Systems can be monitored 24/7 by our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and supported by our mobile security patrol service.
Alternatively, the system can text your designated contacts to alert them of intruders, flood or fire.
Our systems can also be supported by our mobile security patrols or static security officer presence. Please call Rural Property Watch ® now
on 0845 862 0845 for a conversation, without obligation, to discuss how we can assist you to address your specific needs.
Theft of heating oil from churches and heritage buildings
With the cost of heating oil increasing significantly over the years, we have seen yet more thefts of oil from churches, historic buildings and
residential properties in rural areas.

Thefts can vary from small amounts being stolen, to the whole tank being drained. The methods used by the thieves can be very crude,
including drilling holes in the side of the tank and then filling jerry cans. They do not care if then the remaining fuel in the tank spills out and
pollutes the local watercourse.

Rural Property Watch ™ portable wireless alarm systems, especially when combined with a Visual Identification Camera unit, can detect the
presence of potential thieves and allow either you or our mobile security patrols to respond very quickly.

The monthly rental includes a full key holder intruder alarm monitoring service from Facilities Resource Management - with the option of alarm
response by SIA-licensed security officers or mobile security patrols checking your premises on a regular basis.
Portable intruder alarm system and covert security surveillance camera

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