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How can I find a reliable house-sitter, pet sitting or holiday watch
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Country House sitting, farm sitting
Country House sitting, farm sitting

Home and pet sitting services are reassuring if you need to leave your house unattended, it is under refurbishment. The last thing you need
whilst you are away is to have to worry about the security of your property and, maybe, the well-being of your family pets.
In reality, many burglaries are committed while people are away on holiday or extended business trips, so it makes sense to maintain a
reassuring presence while your home is unoccupied -you certainly do not want to return to find that you have been burgled, the property has
been vandalised or copper from your air conditioning stolen, or that a burst pipe has been unattended for days.
Your pets are also less likely to fret during your absence if they can be cared for at home and you do not need the worry of those horrible
contagious illnesses which can break out in kennels and catteries.

Well, Rural Property Watch ® have the answer whether it is living-in and house-sitting your home whilst you are away on holiday, watching your
house whilst you are away for an extended period or you require construction site security whilst it is being built or refurbished.
Whilst the primary basis of our care is the security of your property staff will also keep the house and garden tidy, including addressing minor
maintenance issues. If maintenance, plumbing or electrical works are required urgently, we will deal with them in accordance with your advance
Typically, the staff engaged will be couples aged over 40 years of age so one of the team might undertake another job of work.
All our services are fully-insured (though you should inform your own insurance company of any arrangement you make for house sitting), our
staff are fully vetted and hold SIA security licences and they have the back-up of our 24 hour Control Room for support.
If your property is not alarmed, then we install temporary portable alarm systems monitored by our Control Room. Barring emergencies and
dog walking, staff are not permitted to leave the house for more than two or three hours per day for personal shopping and appointments etc.
Someone will always be on the premises during the hours of darkness.
If the booking is for an extended period, then we provide relief cover or overnight security, in discussion with you.
Sorry, we do not offer child care or elderly care services.
All our services are fully insured, Rural Property Watch ® staff are fully vetted and hold SIA security licences and they have the back-up of our
24 hour Control Room for support.

The monthly charges includes a full key holder intruder alarm monitoring service from Facilities Resource Management - with the option of
alarm response by SIA-licensed security officers or mobile security patrols checking your premises on a regular basis.
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